Tips to Present Your Company

It’s easy to talk to people you know—especially in informal situations. But it can be very challenging to introduce yourself in a more formal business situation, especially when you only have the other person’s attention for a short time.

Your Elevator Pitch. An elevator pitch is usually the quickest and most efficient way to present your firm in one-on-one situations and when a quick introduction is required. Be sure to include the following information:

  • Your name and the name of your company                         
  • What your company does?                                                 
  • Who are your current and past clients are?                         
  • How is your company different from your competitors?      
  • How does your company meet your prospect’s needs?    

Continuing the Conversation. As you complete your introduction, you may want to continue the conversation with some key questions that turn the tables. For example: “May I ask you a question?” “What qualities are you looking for in your best subcontractor or subconsultant?”

Closing the Conversation. Since time is tight, you may want to close the conversation with some targeted questions. For example: “Would it make sense to set a time to meet in your office?” or “Who is the best person to speak to in your office about setting that appointment? Is there a good time to call?”

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